• What is DeepKnowledge?
  • Deep Knowledge™ is a full-fledged online content search, discovery and retrieval platform powered by DeepKnowledge™’ online portal technology and Deep Web Technologies’ Explorit™ Federated Search.
  • What is federated search?
  • Federated search is the technology of simultaneously searching multiple content sources from one search form and aggregating the results into a single results page. Federated search engines sometimes perform additional functions such as removing duplicates from the results lists and ranking documents against one another.
  • How does federated search work?
  • The federated search engine takes the user's search query, transforms the search terms to match each content source's requirements, and submits the query to each of the sources simultaneously. When the search results come back from each of the sources, the federated search engine merges them together, modifying the look and feel of each of the result pages to have a single look and feel.
  • What is "Request a resource"?
  • "Request a resource" is a service whereby a user can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library.
    "Request a resource" on DeepKnowledge can help you find books and articles that are not available on your institution’s portal and borrow from libraries across the globe.
  • How can I use "Request a resource" on DeepKnowledge?
  • "Request a resource" are optional for your institution, if it is active for your institution, "Request a resource" link will show up on the Main menu of the portal. Fill out the form, click submit and a library administrator will respond to your request. You will also receive an email whenever there is an update with the status of your request.
  • How can I register?
  • To register:
    1. Click the Register Button
    2. Complete the registration form
    3. Click the Create Account button
  • What is a security token?
  • Security token is a unique identification code for each institution automatically generated by the system. If it is required on the registration for your institution, please make sure you get it from your librarian before registration.
  • Why is my email not being registered?
  • There are a number of reasons why your email cannot be registered:
    1. The email address you are trying to register is already in use by another user. Use a different email address instead.
    2. The email domain you have provided is not a valid domain associated with your institution. Ask your library administrator for a list of valid domains listed for your institution.
    3. The email you are trying to register is already in the system but was not activated. You can activate your email address by clicking the activation link sent to your email address when you registered.
  • How can I activate my account?
  • After registration, an activation email will be sent to the email address that you registered with us. To activate your account, click the activation link enclosed in the email.
  • I did not receive an activation email, what do I do?
  • Make sure you have typed the email address correctly when you register. Check your Spam filter settings and look through your Junk emails folder. If the activation email is not there, you can resend an activation link anytime by clicking the Difficulties logging-in? link on the login page:
    • Enter your registered email address
    • Click the "Send Activation" button.
  • How can I recover my password?
  • You can recover your password by sending it to your registered email address:
    • Click the Difficulties logging-in? link on the login page
    • Enter your registered email address
    • Click Retrieve my password
  • I am not receiving any email from the portal.
  • You may need to add the address noreply@deep-knowledge.net, to your "safe-list", "white-list", or address book to ensure the emails do not "bounce off" of any filters in place by your Internet Service Provider.
  • I don’t like the design of the portal, Is it possible to change it?
  • We can only change the skin of the portal but not fully customize it to your preference. There are 5 skins to choose from: Government , Academic , Medical , Pharmaceutical and Corporate.
    For samples of available skins, or requests to change skin, please contact support@techknowledge.ae .
  • Our institution is on a Manual activation mode on Registration, what does it mean and how do I activate Users?
  • On a manual activation mode, you will receive an email informing that a new user has registered in the portal. The user will not be able to use the portal until you activate his/her account. You can activate this user by clicking the activation link enclosed in the email or by logging in to your admin account and activate through the user management section. Once activated, user will get notified by email together with the credentials and instructions on how to access the portal.