'5/29/2024 5:42:10 AM'

Can Curbing Sedentary Habits Mitigate Mortality Risk in T2D?

Patients with T2D who were sedentary for less than 6 hours a day had reduced mortality risk, and moderate physical activity enhanced longevity in those with more sedentary habits. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 5:14:54 AM'

Colchicine a New Tool for Stroke, CVD Event Recurrence?

The CONVINCE trial of the anti-inflammatory drug colchicine missed its primary endpoint, but secondary analyses suggested benefit. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 4:59:47 AM'

Diabetes May Affect Breast Cancer Care for Some Women

Low-income women with diabetes were less likely to receive adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat breast cancer compared with those without diabetes. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 4:28:02 AM'

Triamcinolone Offers Relief in Thyroid Eye Disease

Percutaneous injection of triamcinolone improved margin reflex distance 1 and upper eyelid retraction in patients with thyroid eye disease. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 4:17:44 AM'

Maternal Buprenorphine Affects Fetal Breathing

Clinicians performing ultrasounds on buprenorphine-exposed fetuses can expect that these assessments may take longer on average than those of other high-risk patients, researchers have found. MDedge News

'5/29/2024 3:55:50 AM'

Bronchoscopic Lung Reduction Could Benefit COPD

Researchers were encouraged by sustained improvements in patients with lower lobe disease. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 3:33:59 AM'

Florida Law Allows C-Sections Outside of Hospitals

Florida is the first state to allow doctors to perform cesarean surgeries outside of hospitals, but critics fear risks to women and their babies. KFF Health News

'5/29/2024 3:04:26 AM'

New Expert Guidance on Assessing, Managing Spasticity

A new consensus statement outlines best practices for assessing and managing spasticity across a range of conditions. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 2:16:48 AM'

When Coaches and Team Doctors Clash, Who's in Charge?

In a high-profile trial, a Penn State football team physician claimed he was fired for insisting on athlete safety, while the university denied his claims. Medscape Medical News

'5/29/2024 1:56:37 AM'

Tenecteplase Beneficial in Late LVO Stroke Except EVT Access

Tenecteplase improved functional outcome in patients with LVO presenting beyond 4.5 hours who had salvageable brain tissue but no access to endovascular therapy. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 11:36:02 PM'

Dupilumab: Future Treatment for Pediatric Alopecia Areata?

Dupilumab will be compared with placebo in a larger multicenter randomized trial of children with alopecia. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 11:07:24 PM'

Tapinarof Cream Effective For AD, Down to Age 2 Years

Results from two phase 3 trials showed that topical tapinarof, once a day, was effective and safe in patients with atopic dermatitis as young as 2 years old. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 10:42:07 PM'

Culture of Sexual Harassment, Bullying Plagues Ob.Gyn.

The primary perpetrators of unwanted behaviors were overwhelmingly attending physicians, although residents and fellows were also identified as perpetrators, a new study found. MDedge News

'5/28/2024 10:23:02 PM'

Failed IOL Tied to Poor Outcomes for Mom With Diabetes

Women with diabetes are at an increased risk for cesarean delivery and face poor outcomes in the event of the surgery, researchers said. MDedge News

'5/28/2024 10:05:42 PM'

Storytelling for Better PA Communication

The age-old art of storytelling helps transform PAs into persuasive and empathetic communicators. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 9:35:03 PM'

Add-On to GLP-1s Yields Greater Weight Loss

Combination therapy of bupropion/naltrexone and GLP-1 receptor agonists showed a synergistic weight loss effect in individuals with obesity who responded poorly to GLP-1 monotherapy. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 5:28:57 AM'

AI Augments Cath Lab to Predict Outcomes

An artificial intelligence model built from 20,000 angiograms showed an accuracy of more than 80% predicting outcomes of key cardiovascular biomarkers. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 5:00:00 AM'

Early Glycaemic Control in T2D Produces Long-Term Benefit

Data from the landmark UK Prospective Diabetes Study showed cardiovascular and survival benefits of intensive glycaemic control at 24 years. Medscape UK

'5/28/2024 4:50:39 AM'

Obesity and Cancer: Untangling a Complex Web

Although more than 40% of cancers are considered obesity-related, excess weight is often just a contributing risk factor, leaving uncertainty about the role weight plays in cancer risk. Medscape Medical News

'5/28/2024 2:53:54 AM'

Insmed's Lung Disease Drug Succeeds in Late-stage Study

Insmed said its drug candidate for a chronic lung disease helped significantly reduce the frequency of respiratory symptoms such as chronic cough in a late-stage study,... Reuters Health Information