'6/9/2023 3:52:08 PM'

HIIT Has Sustainable Effects in Inflammatory Arthritis

Patients in a randomized trial improved their cardiorespiratory fitness, but the positive response did not coincide with changes in pain or fatigue. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 1:37:30 PM'

Concomitant Med Use May Explain Poor Antidepressant Response

Patients with "treatment-resistant depression" may be taking additional medications with side effects that interfere with antidepressant efficacy. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 12:34:31 PM'

Immediate Statin After Acute Stroke Reduces Disability

Intensive statin therapy immediately after mild ischemic stroke or high-risk TIA reduces the risk for a poor functional outcome vs delaying 72 hours, the INSPIRES trial shows. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 12:08:13 PM'

Kangaroo Mother Care May Cut Death Risk for Preemies

This is evidence that starting KMC right away is important, because the risk of death for premature and low-weight newborns is highest in the first 24 hours of life. MDedge News

'6/9/2023 12:00:44 PM'

Sleep Moderates Impulsivity and Risky Media Use in Kids

Impulsive adolescents who don't get an adequate amount of sleep are more likely to report watching mature-rated media content. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 12:00:13 PM'

High Risk for Recurrence After Acute Lower GI Bleeding

A large observational study has found a high rate of rebleeding after hospitalization for acute lower GI bleeding; the study identified several targetable risk factors. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 11:54:26 AM'

CAR-T Hikes Overall Survival in Relapsed/Refractory LBCL

CAR T-cell therapy drug axicabtagene ciloleucel significantly improved overall survival compared with standard second-line treatments in patients with early relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma. MDedge News

'6/9/2023 11:40:19 AM'

Shingles Infection Rates Higher in Patients With MS

"The take-home finding is that herpes zoster incidence is high among people with MS overall." MDedge News

'6/9/2023 11:23:09 AM'

FDA Flags Getinge/Maquet Recall of Oxygenator Devices

Getinge/Maquet recalls all Quadrox oxygenators and certain venous hardshell cardiotomy reservoirs due to a potential sterility issue with packaging that could lead to risk for infection and patient harm. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 10:53:41 AM'

'Remarkable': CAR T Therapy for CLL/SLL

CAR T-cell therapy showed efficacy in achieving complete responses among patients with relapsed or refractory CLL or SLL after BTKi and BCL2 inhibitor. MDedge News

'6/9/2023 10:36:04 AM'

Dazodalibep May Mitigate Sjögren Syndrome

The novel agent targets CD40 ligand and showed promising results in a two-stage, phase 2 clinical trial, particularly for patients with notable symptom burden but limited systemic organ involvement. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 10:03:36 AM'

FDA Approves Second Waterless Solution for Dry Eye Disease

The new water-free cyclosporine-based solution is intended to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 9:18:12 AM'

VA Study Finds Lower Racial Disparity in Melanoma Diagnoses

The results might be explained by "all patients in the VA dataset having insured access to health care, regardless of socioeconomic status," the authors wrote. MDedge News

'6/9/2023 9:01:24 AM'

German Experts Suggest How to Avoid Future Drug Shortages

In Germany, drug shortages and supply problems have reached critical levels and are affecting the provision of care. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 8:49:03 AM'

Is the WHO's 'Active Aging' the Only Healthy Alternative?

Although WHO understands the term "active" broadly, active-aging programs tend to focus on physical activity. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 8:07:11 AM'

EULAR PsA Update Emphasizes Safety, Non-MSK Manifestations

The update builds on 2019 recommendations and incorporates safety concerns about JAK inhibitors, advises on differential drug efficacy across disease manifestations, and eliminates systemic steroids. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 7:26:27 AM'

Antibiotic Prophylaxis May Lower SSIs in Skin Cancer Surgery

Microdose delivery of clindamycin reduced the rate of postoperative surgical site infections by almost two thirds; flucloxacillin, however, showed no significant benefit over the control. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 7:20:48 AM'

WHO Advises Against Nonsugar Sweeteners for Weight Control

Replacing free sugars with nonsugar sweeteners does not help with weight control in the long-term, according to the World Health Organization. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 6:55:54 AM'

Doctors in France Facing Rising Tide of Verbal Abuse

Although physical abuse and vandalism are in decline, verbal abuse of doctors has increased. Medscape Medical News

'6/9/2023 6:28:59 AM'

Novel Agent Promising for Major Depression: Phase 3 Data

Results of a phase 3 trial show that the investigational drug zuranolone improved depressive symptoms for patients with major depressive disorder. Medscape Medical News