'12/2/2022 2:29:04 PM'

Virtual Yoga Program Appears to Improve IBS Symptoms

Treatment programs could incorporate yoga alongside usual IBS care strategies. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 1:00:09 PM'

Stanford President Under Investigation for Alleged Misconduct

Hints of data misconduct first plagued Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne 7 years ago. Now, scientific-misconduct investigators allege that he intentionally manipulated data to advance his aims. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 11:47:35 AM'

COVID Vax Prevents Death in Children Regardless of Variant

Despite waning effectiveness over time, COVID-19 vaccines prevented death in children regardless of the dominant variant at the time. MDedge News

'12/2/2022 11:45:07 AM'

High Neuro Drug Costs Exclude Most From Cutting-Edge Tx

High Neuro Drug Costs Exclude Most From Cutting-Edge Tx Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 10:49:26 AM'

Confirmed: Amyloid, Tau Rise Years Before Alzheimer's Onset

Novel longitudinal data confirm accelerated biomarker changes during preclinical AD and highlight the important role of amyloid levels in tau accelerations. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 10:48:57 AM'

EHR Alerts to Both Doc and Patient May Boost Statin Prescribing

Electronic 'nudges' that promote new statin prescriptions seemed most effective when sent to patients as well as their primary care doctors in a randomized trial. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 9:58:09 AM'

FDA Expands List of Getinge IABP System and Component Shortages

In a letter to providers, the agency added intra-aortic balloon pump systems to a list of Getinge IABP equipment currently in short supply due to "supply chain issues." News Alerts

'12/2/2022 9:54:22 AM'

Higher Potency of Fentanyl Affects Addiction Treatment, Screening

Clinicians should note important differences between fentanyl and other drugs of misuse -- and the troubling reality that fentanyl now contaminates most of them, an expert warns. MDedge News

'12/2/2022 8:52:58 AM'

Women Missing Out on Opportunities From Advisory Boards

Serving on an industry advisory board offers opportunities to influence clinical research, which in turn can boost an academic career, but a recent analysis found that few women have a seat at this table. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 8:28:41 AM'

Pediatric Emergencies Associated With Unnecessary Testing: AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement with recommendations for avoiding unnecessary diagnostics when children are seen in emergency settings. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 8:25:17 AM'

Green Mediterranean Diet Lowers Visceral Adipose Tissue

A green mainly plant-based Mediterranean diet, high in plant-based polyphenols and low in red/processed meat, may be an effective intervention to encourage the regression of visceral adiposity. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 8:11:59 AM'

Biomarker a First Step Toward an Alzheimer's Urine Test

Researchers have identified a biomarker found in urine that was significantly elevated in patients with Alzheimer's disease, including those in the very early stages of the disease. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 8:06:44 AM'

Gestational Hypertension-Diabetes Combo Signals CVD Risk

Women who develop transient hypertensive disorders during their pregnancy are at risk for developing subsequent cardiovascular disease. MDedge News

'12/2/2022 7:40:13 AM'

Landmark Trial on Arkansas Trans Youth Medical Ban Wraps Up

The nation's first trial on a ban on gender-confirming care for children ended Thursday. Associated Press

'12/2/2022 7:23:28 AM'

Why Is Life Still So Hard for Female Surgeons?

Female surgeons face sexism and must use instruments that were ergonomically designed for men. But surgeons say that these factors are changing. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 6:59:19 AM'

AI in Healthcare: No, the Robots Are Not Taking Over

Doctors and other healthcare workers might fear the technology will replace their clinical judgment and experience. WebMD Health News

'12/2/2022 6:48:45 AM'

Neurologic Symptoms Linked With Death in Pediatric Leukemia

Neurologic manifestations such as headache, neuropathy, seizures, and cell infiltration are common in pediatric patients with acute leukemia and are associated with a higher mortality rate, data show. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 6:20:44 AM'

High Febrile Neutropenia Risk With Docetaxel in Prostate Cancer

The risk is high enough to consider routine febrile neutropenia prophylaxis in patients with metastatic castration-resistant disease. The study was published as a preprint and has not been peer reviewed. First Look

'12/2/2022 5:56:52 AM'

Cancer Research Falls Short on Data and Code Sharing

Data were made available in only 16% of oncology articles randomly selected for analysis, and only 1% complied with best practices for data and code sharing. Medscape Medical News

'12/2/2022 5:25:48 AM'

Canada Contributes $15 Million to PAHO Vaccine Initiative

The funding will strengthen vaccine production capacities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Medscape Medical News