'12/8/2023 1:52:43 PM'

1 in 10 Stool-Based CRC Tests Can't Be Processed

Unsatisfactory fecal immunochemical tests often stem from inadequate or old specimens, incomplete labeling, or broken/leaking containers, and they may leave many patients unscreened. Medscape Medical News

'12/8/2023 1:30:28 PM'

Prescribing GLP-1 Agonists

GLP-1 agonists like semaglutide can help patients with obesity lose weight -- if they can get the medications. Medscape Reader Polls

'12/8/2023 1:13:36 PM'

Amulet and Watchman Equal for Left Atrial Appendage Closure

The Amulet and Watchman FLX devices for left atrial appendage closure produced equivalent results, with about half of patients having residual patency of the appendage at 13 months, a study shows. Medscape Medical News

'12/8/2023 12:34:02 PM'

Federal Program Offers Free COVID, Flu At-Home Tests, Rx

The Home Test to Treat program is virtual and offers at-home rapid tests, telehealth sessions, and at-home treatments to people nationwide. WebMD Health News

'12/8/2023 12:21:45 PM'

Tape Strips Detect Hidradenitis Suppurativa Biomarkers

"Tape strips can provide important clues to when and which drugs to use in HS in patients with both early and late disease, which can change clinical practice." MDedge News

'12/8/2023 11:49:43 AM'

Can Younger Postmenopausal Women With BC Skip Radiation?

Women aged 65-70 years old are often offered the option of skipping radiation after lumpectomy for hormone receptor–positive early-stage breast cancer and moving straight to endocrine therapy. MDedge News

'12/8/2023 11:28:18 AM'

Combined Rituximab + Omalizumab Promising for Refractory BP

Bullous pemphigoid has high morbidity and mortality, especially in people with comorbidities common to older adults, yet no Food and Drug Administration–approved therapies for BP exist. MDedge News

'12/8/2023 11:13:20 AM'

Merck's Lung Cancer Drug Combo Fails Trial

Merck said on Thursday a combination treatment testing a new type of immunotherapy failed to significantly slow disease progression in lung cancer patients who did not respond to previous treatments. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 11:09:04 AM'

FDA Class I Recall for Getinge Cardiohelp Emergency Drive

The drive may become stuck or hard to turn, raising the possibility that the patient may not receive adequate hemodynamic support or gas exchange. Medscape Medical News

'12/8/2023 11:04:27 AM'

New $1 Billion Plan for African Vaccine Manufacturing

Up to $1 billion will be available to boost African vaccine manufacturing as part of a new scheme set up by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the global health organization said on Thursday. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:59:33 AM'

CDC Issues Health Alert for Subtype of Mpox Virus in Congo

The CDC issued a health alert on Thursday to notify clinicians and health departments about a deadly type of the mpox virus spreading in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:55:26 AM'

HIV Vaccine Trial in Africa Halted After Disappointing Data

A trial of an experimental HIV vaccine stopped early after preliminary data suggested it would not be effective in preventing infection, according to the trial's chief investigator. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:50:52 AM'

Texas AG Threatens to Prosecute Doctors in Emergency Abortion

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Thursday threatened to prosecute any doctors involved in providing an emergency abortion to a woman, hours after she won a court order allowing her to obtain one for medical necessity. Reuters Health Informa...

'12/8/2023 10:47:50 AM'

Soaring Pollution in Lahore Fills Wards With Sick Children

In the packed pediatric emergency room of a Lahore public hospital, parents holding sick children lined up for treatment this week, part of a surge of young patients caused by the air pollution crisis. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:43:16 AM'

US Sets Policy to Seize Patents If Drug Price Deemed Too High

The Biden Administration has announced it is setting new policy that will allow it to seize patents for medicines developed with government funding if it believes their prices are too high. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:35:53 AM'

FDA Clears Becton's Less-Invasive Blood Collection Device

Becton Dickinson said on Thursday the FDA cleared its finger-prick blood collection device that could provide a less-invasive option for some commonly ordered lab tests. Reuters Health Information

'12/8/2023 10:29:29 AM'

Trop-2 Drug Conjugate May Trump Chemo in HR+, HER2- BRCA

If approved, the ADC would join sacituzumab govitecan (Trodelvy, Gilead) as agents that target trophoblast cell-surface antigen-2 (Trop-2), which is universally expressed in breast cancer. MDedge News

'12/8/2023 10:13:42 AM'

Elagolix Curbs Heavy Bleeding Linked to Uterine Leiomyomas

Elagolix sodium, an oral short-acting nonpeptide gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist has been approved by the FDA at a dose of 300 mg twice daily with add-back therapy for up to 24 months. MDedge News

'12/8/2023 10:09:22 AM'

Patients With HR-Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Use ART

New data from the POSITIVE trial show the efficacy and short-term safety of fertility preservation and assisted reproductive technology (ART) for young women with HR-positive breast cancer. Medscape Medical News

'12/8/2023 8:06:19 AM'

FDA OKs Two Gene-Editing Therapies for Sickle Cell Disease

The approval for the two gene-editing treatments, called exa-cel and lovo-cel, could help thousands with the blood disorder. Medscape Medical News