'5/25/2022 4:18:35 PM'

For the Survivors, School Shootings Bring Lasting Damage

For children who survive mass shootings, the outcome over the next few days, months, and years depends on many factors, but how parents address the trauma both immediately and long-term can make a huge difference, experts say. Medscape Medical ...

'5/25/2022 1:22:48 PM'

Lithium May Lower Osteoporosis Risk in Bipolar Disorder

Although increased risk for osteoporosis is common in bipolar disorder, lithium may provide a significant protective effect against the bone disease, results from the largest study of its kind show. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 12:52:47 PM'

FDA Chief Under Fire for Slow Response to Baby Formula Issue

Califf testified before a House subcommittee probing the shortage, which has snowballed into a major political controversy and forced the U.S. to begin airlifting products from Europe. Associated Press

'5/25/2022 12:47:11 PM'

No Surprises Act Blocked 2 Million Medical Bills in 2 Months

'Health insurance providers applaud the Administration and Congress for taking this important step.' WebMD Health News

'5/25/2022 12:45:17 PM'

With COVID, 2020 Was 'Lost Year' in Fight Against HIV

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was likely a "lost year" in the public health battle against the long-lasting HIV epidemic in the US, a public health official says. WebMD Health News

'5/25/2022 12:35:04 PM'

War Medicine Training a Challenge for Ukrainian Healthcare

Ukraine has no shortage of doctors, but all caregivers must be trained to manage trauma, react appropriately on a battlefield, and evacuate safely. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 12:31:44 PM'

It Took 35 Years to Get a Malaria Vaccine. Why?

The parasite's complex biology played a role in the delay, but experts say there was also a lack of urgency and funding. Undark

'5/25/2022 12:12:15 PM'

Legislative Efforts Continue to Revamp Laws Governing PAs

Physician assistants seek laws allowing independence from oversight along with a seat at the table on medical boards and direct payment from insurers. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 12:06:14 PM'

Pandemic-Weary Americans Plan for Summer Despite COVID Surge

A COVID-19 surge is underway that is starting to cause disruptions as the school year wraps up and Americans prepare for summer vacations. Associated Press

'5/25/2022 11:49:50 AM'

FDA Allows Import of 2 Million Cans of Baby Formula From UK

The FDA is easing rules to allow infant formula imports from the United Kingdom, which would bring about 2 million cans to the United States in coming weeks. WebMD Health News

'5/25/2022 11:27:03 AM'

Researchers Find a Pathway to Prevent COVID Infection

A mechanism that blocks the virus' spike protein from interacting with the surface of a cell could enable the development of a therapy that would eradicate the virus in the event of exposure. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 11:11:10 AM'

Texas Killings Leave Nation's Doctors Grieving, Seething

Physicians asking "why again?," demand action after gunman murders 21 in the town of Uvalde. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 10:40:46 AM'

CDC: Prescribe COVID Treatment Paxlovid Despite 'Rebound' Illness

The CDC recommends the oral drug for early-stage treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 among people at high risk for progression to severe disease. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 10:29:41 AM'

Vancouver Safe Supply Program Aims to Reduce Overdose Deaths

The program provides substitutes for unregulated substances found in the toxic-drug supply chain. It is integrated with healthcare and social services and aims to promote participants' autonomy. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 10:23:53 AM'

Wild Meat Markets Pose Disease Risk to People, Laos Study Finds

Zoonotic diseases can spill over to people from markets selling infected wild animal meat. Can we prevent these? Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 10:23:13 AM'

Google Must Protect Privacy of Abortion Patients

More than 40 Democratic members of Congress are asking Google to stop the unnecessary collection of people's location data, arguing the information could be used to identify women seeking abortions. Associated Press

'5/25/2022 10:12:37 AM'

FDA Approval for Molluscum Treatment Delayed

The company continues to work with the FDA to bring VP-102 to the market as soon as possible. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 8:58:22 AM'

SAFE-PAD Shows Long-Term Safety of Paclitaxel Devices

A large study of Medicare claims found no evidence of harmful outcomes associated with drug-eluting stents and balloons for up to 6 years. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 8:53:37 AM'

Vascular Risk Factors for Dementia Vary With Age

New data show that vascular risk factors that influence dementia risk vary by age, suggesting the need for age-specific dementia scores vs the current one-size-fits-all approach to dementia risk prediction. Medscape Medical News

'5/25/2022 8:07:09 AM'

No-Implant Interatrial Shunt Remains Patent at a Year

A no-implant interatrial shunting procedure showed improved wedge pressure and quality of life for up to 3 months in heart failure recipients. Medscape Medical News