'5/7/2021 4:03:56 PM'

2021 May Be Big Lyme Disease Year

For the first time, Lyme disease-carrying ticks -- typically associated with woodlands in New England and other forested regions of the US -- have been found in abundance near beaches in Northern California, new research shows. WebMD Health News

'5/7/2021 2:34:41 PM'

Varenicline Nasal Spray Efficacious for Dry Eye

Nasal spray reduces signs and symptoms of dry eye disease in phase 3 trial. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 1:03:03 PM'

Fecal Transplantation Safe but Ineffective in PsA Trial

A trial found fecal microbiota transplantation in psoriatic arthritis inferior to sham but safe, and investigators said it's worthy of future study. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 12:46:55 PM'

Main Causes of Food-Induced Anaphylaxis Identified

Most triggers remain the same, but soybean may be less important. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 12:37:04 PM'

Kamala Harris' Family in India Where COVID Rages

G. Balachandran turned 80 this spring — a milestone of a birthday in India, where he lives. If not for the coronavirus pandemic, he would have been surrounded by celebrating family members. Associated Press

'5/7/2021 12:36:54 PM'

'Precision' Nutrition? DHA Benefit Modified by AD Genetic Risk

In cognitively unimpaired middle-aged adults at higher genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease, those with higher intake of DHA showed greater resistance to pathological structural changes in the brain. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 12:13:45 PM'

Antibiotic Cut ANCA-Vasculitis Infection Risk With Rituximab

Co-use of cotrimoxazole decreased the risk for infection, which remains high in patients with vasculitis who are treated with rituximab. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 11:58:10 AM'

FDA Blazes Path for 'Real-World' Evidence as Proof of Efficacy

FDA leaders must finalize guidance this year on submitting real-world observational evidence for regulatory decisions on drug and device efficacy, but several elements remain in flux. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 11:46:48 AM'

TB Regimen Cuts Treatment Time by a Third

Patients as young as 12 years in this phase 3 trial fared as well with a new 4-month treatment as with the 6-month standard care. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 11:12:59 AM'

5 More Women Allege Sexual Harassment at LSU Med School

A lawyer for women alleging misconduct among leaders at the medical school described their stories as 'the tip of the iceberg.' Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 10:59:45 AM'

Failed Transcatheter Mitral Repair Will Require Valve Replacement

Less than 5% of patients who require reintervention for a failed MitraClip procedure were able to be treated successfully with surgical mitral repair, requiring valve replacement instead. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 10:31:27 AM'

IM, IA Steroid Injections Prove Noninferior in Knee OA

Intramuscular injections of glucocorticoids achieve a level of pain reduction similar to that of intra-articular injections in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 10:09:13 AM'

Survey Offers Snapshot of Nationwide COVID-19 Discharge Practices

More than one-quarter of sites gave little or no guidance for clinical discharge criteria, while 14% gave very specific detailed algorithms. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 9:58:33 AM'

Torsemide Over Furosemide as First-Line Loop Diuretic for HF

'One thing we do for no reason is use furosemide rather than torsemide as loop diuretic for patients with heart failure,' said an expert. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 9:40:44 AM'

Strategies to Turn the Tide on Racial and Gender Inequity

Dr Jorge Ganem believes we should approach gender inequities and racial disparities through a quality and patient safety lens. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 9:36:09 AM'

Hospitalist Leader on Post-COVID Approach to Career Advancement

Vineet Arora, MD, highlights the importance of trust, staying the course on projects, and the need for systemic change. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 9:26:31 AM'

New Oral Protein Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis

A recombinant anti-TNF alpha fusion protein showed safety and effectiveness in mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 8:57:30 AM'

Our Readers Respond: Require Doctors Be COVID-19 Vaccinated?

A WebMD poll and another from Medscape approach the same COVID-19 vaccination requirement question from different angles. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 8:29:09 AM'

Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer — Are Sugary Drinks to Blame?

A new analysis has found that two high-sugar drinks a day in young adulthood was associated with more than double the cancer risk before age 50. Medscape Medical News

'5/7/2021 8:13:32 AM'

Studies Highlight Pandemic's Impact on Patients With RMDs

From the Europe-based REUMAVID study to the United Kingdom's CONTAIN study, some common themes are emerging, with lessons to be learned for future practice. Medscape Medical News